Secrets of the Seventh Year

by Stars Over Shadow



released April 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Stars Over Shadow Norwich, UK

Pre-Release available on iTunes.
Physical copies available via our Facebook page (orders will be sent for approx. arrival on 04/08/14)

Stars Over Shadow are a Norfolk/Suffolk based four piece melodic rock band, taking influences from Coheed & Cambria, RX Bandits and Queen to name but a few.
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Track Name: Let Dreamers Sleep
In the midst of war can we hold ourselves together in one piece
Our families and worlds collide tonight
I'll hold your hand if you say you'll never leave
It's a lot to ask of me
my 'sweet runaway'

As torment begins
I'll do all I can to heal you from this
I'm willing to take a risk
for you to dream is our only way out of here

Oh, I could never leave my home,
the needs for me pull, I can't go
I just can't leave you
You'll forgive me later
for these steps of a traitor

(so hold your breath)
and wait for me, I'll see you when we are free
(So hold your breath)
and wait for me, I'll see you when we are free

Hold on to what we have

Let our journey begin
I've done all I can to keep you from this
Oh so hasty to take a risk
but for you to dream is our only way out of here

Dreamer dream as you fall asleep I'll keep on my guard
Dreamer rest as I find a place to rescue our love

Lyrics - Phil Goldstone
Track Name: The Conflict
I should have seen you coming long before
these guns started blazing
"your to blame this time"
if you wanted a gun fight then why do u bring a knife?

I dont want to settle the score
"save your words this world is at war with you"
no truer word where ever said
I want whats right
lets be reasonable
"I just want you dead"

I would have loved her forever if you'd let me
"Do you think I would have let you try?"
When did your heart turn to black, we were once friends
"There will be no reconciliation tonight"

Battle stations, Man the cannons, Prepare yourselves
Does he think I'm just gonna play dead
He better think again
This dog fights dirty

It doesnt matter what I say
It won't settle this war
If a fight's what is wanted
we'll give them one
but he better not bruise easily

I would have loved her forever if you'd let me
How could I ever say goodbye
When did your heart turn to black, We were once friends
There will be sparks flying tonight

Lyrics - Phil Goldstone
Track Name: Whilst You Were Gone
Time to wake (from your dreaming)
I think I've found a way for you to heal
On the planets surface (the machine holds the key)
I'll lay you down

Activate I'm taking a chance
I'm letting my guard down.
Watching, you seem less distant now
but something is unfamiliar.

Your smile the look on your face,
I could of sworn your eyes were clear before.
Your stare your dirty smile,
who is this that I adored.

Hold on Lover,
I'm not who I was before,
You took too long
now this darkness is growing
this heart has seen the shadow for a moment too long..

So I'll unlock the door and release
what was never seen
All the things with hearts made of stone
to destroy these worlds

To destroy our home.

While stuck in her dream she slipped deep into obscurity.
He opened her heart to the shadow that opens dark doors.
What once lay dormant now stands to the front,
ready to destroy us all.

Lyrics - Phil Goldstone